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Completely Transform Your Van Nuys Home And Landscape With Beautiful Paving Stones

At Pacific Pavingstone, we know that amazing landscape and hardscape design can make or break your gorgeous yard and Southern California home. That’s where hardscaping — and hiring the right hardscaping company — comes into play. Our professional projects elevate your ideas to create outdoor living spaces that benefit not only the value of your house but also your life quality! When it comes to masonry contractors around Los Angeles, you won’t get better than the professional expertise and hard work of our team at Pacific Pavingstone. If you want to know more about our process or get a free estimate, give us a call.

The Best Paving Stone Contractor, Van Nuys, CA:

While there are plenty of masonry businesses in Southern California, Pacific Pavingstone has been in the industry for 20 years with over 15,000 satisfied clients and one million square feet of landscaping mapped (we’ve covered a lot of ground — including in Van Nuys)! When you hire us, you get a professional team with a knowledgeable project manager, years of landscape design experience, and access to a hardscape designer with an eye for tying in your home’s architecture and your vision and masonry needs into a beautiful job. Plus, we offer fantastic customer service and quality.

Whether you’re looking for a full remodel, to add new features to your gorgeous backyard, want to elevate your landscaping, need maintenance of current items like your driveway and yard, or need a full installation of retaining walls, walkways, patios, or more, we will work hard to get the job complete to your utmost satisfaction. We strive to make our customers happy, and we’re a business that wants every installation and amazing job completed to be something you’ll remember for years to come.

Van Nuys overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Choosing The Right Masonry Material

Once you’ve chosen your material, we’ll take care of the rest. When you select quality building supplies, it ensures you won’t have to bring in contractors for a second time to finish or repair your job. That being said, every job is different — No California yard requires the same building supplies for their hardscape design project! During a free consultation, we will walk you through all the options and help you decide which pavers and materials best suit your masonry project. Some options include concrete, brick, paving stones, porcelain tiles, and cement. Your project manager and hardscape designer will help you determine the quality material to make installing a breeze and elevate your yard the way you expect. And, because our services include a free estimate, there won’t be any surprises or unexpected costs.

Popular Locations For A Hardscape Remodel Or Upgrade

There are good ideas when it comes to your hardscape project! However, some locations are easier than others when crafting the perfect landscape for your Van Nuys home! Check out the projects below that our Los Angeles and surrounding area clients have loved in the past.


Enough of the asphalt! Every Los Angeles, Van Nuys, and West Hills home deserves the designer driveway of their dreams. Get that done with a masonry contractor. Matched to your home’s current design and feel, a paving stone driveway offers many benefits over classic concrete or cement. 

The pavers are more durable and resilient and provide an easier fix if something were to happen (with cement driveways, you often have to hire a contractor to replace the entire thing — that quickly becomes a big construction site!). 

Upgrading your driveway to stone pavers is a surefire way to transform the feel of your home and create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you or a guest turn onto your property. Get a lot of guests (or maybe all the kids are finally buying cars!)?



Installing a new patio in your California backyard should be a completely painless experience (at least as painless as a construction site can be!). Our Los Angeles and Van Nuys, CA, customers experience a smooth and fantastic process with our patio installation services, and we’re confident you will too.

The right patio makes a complete difference to your backyard and gives you more livable, usable space. In our business, we strive to build you a patio you’ll love. Masonry contractors are the answer, allowing you to create the look you want using different paving materials like stone, brick, or concrete. Get rid of that artificial turf and replace it with the masonry patio of your dreams! Our talented professionals can walk you through each option’s benefits and design nuances during your free consultation!

Masonry fire pits are also a welcomed touch you can easily add to your patio as a backyard feature your guests and family will love. Here in Southern California, we sure have the weather to enjoy evenings outside by the warm glow of a beautiful stone fire pit.


Many Van Nuys homes come with ample yards. That’s why walkways are a crucial piece of landscape design that ensures you can enjoy your property to its fullest potential! This fantastic hardscape project services you by tying together your entire landscape design, allowing you to easily access your back or front yard, and linking your patio and pool deck to the rest of your home. Pavers ensure a classy finish to your yard that is slip-resistant, durable, and practical.

Garden Walls

Natural stone pavers are an excellent choice for a more elegant and timeless look for your back or front yard. Each stone boasts unique characteristics, adding a touch of natural beauty to your patio. From the earthy hues of flagstone to the sophisticated charm of granite, natural stone pavers create a luxurious outdoor ambiance in the heart of Los Angeles.

Van Nuys overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Other Hardscape Design Jobs

Of course, the jobs and projects available to you continue! You can harness our masonry skills for any hardscape job you think will elevate your home (and the overall landscape feel and design) that you can dream of! The right hardscape will enhance your landscape design, and there are so many ways to put concrete, brick, and stone pavers to work for your Van Nuys, CA home. From driveways and fire pits to patios, stairs, copings, and walkways, we are the right business with the right contractors to handle your needs.

If you’re interested in becoming a Pacific Pavingstone customer and experiencing what a fantastic job we do in California, don’t forget to call us for that free consultation.


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