Frequently Asked Questions

Paving stones are compressed concrete units that are used for driveways, patios, walkways and more. What makes them unique is that instead of being mortared into place over a concrete slab, they are laid down on a bed of compacted road base and a leveling layer of sand. Additional joints sand is installed between the joints. This creates an interlocking system of stones that is not only very strong and secure, but also allows flexibility if needed. This means that paving stones won’t crack due to weather conditions or movement. They are even earthquake resistant, which makes them a great choice if you live in Southern California.
Paving stones are four times stronger than traditional poured concrete. Because of their strength and durability, paving stones are used in many industrial settings such as airports, shipping docks and factories. And of course, they are extremely popular for residential upgrades including new driveways, pool decks, patios and entryways. One of the great things about paving stones is how easy they are to maintain. If grease, oil or paint gets on your pavers, you can easily replace them. It’s as simple as popping out the old one and inserting a new one. This is not possible with a concrete or asphalt surface, and large stains or cracks most likely means the whole area will need to be replaced.
Paving stones come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. Click here to see some of the most popular styles.
Yes! The possibilities are endless with paving stones. You can combine stones and colors to create patterns and designs.
If Paving Stones are sealed when installed, they can last decades. If you get a damaged stone or stain on your paving stone surface, you can replace the affected stone in lieu of replacing the entire area.
Paver sealer is a coating that’s applied over a paving stone project to protect it. Sealer prevents staining and helps the stones retain their natural color.
Our warranty varies based on the type of work but is consistent with industry standards. When you meet one of our designers, they can walk you through it or call us at (818) 658-9370 for more information.
Our projects start at $7,500.
If permits are needed for your job, we will pull them! You can always obtain your own permits as well.
Fire pits can be prefabricated or built custom. If you don’t want to run a gas line, you can purchase a prefabricated option that runs on propane tanks.
This can vary as well, depending on the size of the job, permits needed and many other factors. Very small jobs can be wrapped up in a week. Large projects can sometimes take 3-6 months. Your designer and job supervisor can give you a more exact timeline once your design is complete.
Pacific Pavingstone services Los Angeles and the greater Los Angeles area. Click here to see a list of our service areas.