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Bring Your Dream Outdoor Space To Life With The Best Landscape Designers In Sherman Oaks

Pacific Pavingstone is a leading landscape design company trusted by property owners in Sherman Oaks since 1999, providing top-notch hardscaping services. We’re a hardscape contractor known for our expertise, excellent customer service, amazing completed results, and bringing your vision for your Sherman Oaks home to life. Our entire team is professional and can help increase the property value of your house through quality work, stunning masonry, and the professional installation of your next project.

If you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your Sherman Oaks home and elevate your hardscape projects to give the right look to your yard, check out our services! From pool decks to walkways, driveways, patios, and garden walls, our workers have the stones and the skills to blend the beauty and essence of the beautiful Sherman Oaks, CA, with your beloved North Hollywood home. Search no further for Hardscape Contractor Sherman Oaks; we’re the team that gets the job done.

Why Hire Masonry Contractors?

Hiring a professional masonry company like Pacific Pavingstone in Sherman Oaks ensures a smooth process from the beginning of your project. Masonry can be complicated. A professional project manager guarantees a timely, excellent job with gorgeous final results. 

While things are under construction, the presence of a professional company will give you peace of mind and a great experience throughout the entire process — especially if it’s your first time.

Pool Decks

Anyone can have a pool, but is there anything more boring than a plain concrete pool deck? You want your backyard to match the elegance and landscape of your home! The process of shaping the perfect backyard begins with your pool deck. Plus, in the long and hot Sherman Oaks summers, the materials around the pool will see as much action as the pool itself! Our team knows which materials work best for pool decks and walkways, taking into consideration elements like texture, heat reflection, drainage, and maintenance. The result? Seamless installation, flawless service, and a fantastic, safe outdoor setting that brings your house and backyard to life.


Consider what a stone or paver driveway can add to your overall curb appeal if you’re looking for a new driveway. We want you to feel amazing when you walk up your driveway. A driveway is a project that, first and foremost, requires durability. That’s where paving stones outrank other driveway materials like concrete and gravel. 

They offer a versatile range of options to withstand various conditions and needs. Not only does a gravel driveway require upkeep and a replacement of material over time you’re also limited to one look and lose the ability to match the gravel driveway to your home or style. Where a concrete driveway can crack and requires a team of concrete contractors to be replaced, paving stones are resilient and do a quick job if a replacement should be required — our team can simply replace the damaged stone. Plus, with drying time and weather requirements, installing a concrete driveway can be a long, drawn-out process.

Driveways are the first impression someone gets of your home. It’s your red carpet to your front door. Ensure quality, style, and longevity with a paver driveway built by a professional paving stone contractor in Sherman Oaks. Contact our business to discover the exceptional service, expertise, and care our guys will put into building the perfect driveway for your home.


Depending on your home’s landscape, a walkway is crucial to finishing the home’s look, as well as safety and the ease with which you can enjoy your yard. With all that foot traffic, they need to be durable. Just like how a concrete driveway can crack and require expensive replacements, so can a concrete walkway. The variety of brick, stone, and materials available with our service means you can customize the look to best suit your home and beautiful yard beyond poured concrete. 

Our company also keeps the other elements of your landscaping in mind to complete a quality project that will increase the functionality and value of your home while seamlessly fitting in with your design. The pool, patios, garden, and around the house are popular locations for this product. It is an excellent way to take your Sherman Oaks property to the next level.

Garden Walls

In Sherman Oaks, our clients love their gardens. It’s the perfect climate to create a lush, flourishing landscape of beautiful plants. However, the slopes and hills of a classic Sherman Oaks property can also create some challenges. If you’re not careful, it can eat away at the usability of your front and backyard! That’s where installing a garden wall can make a massive difference to your home. 

The wonderful thing about us is that our team knows how to use various materials to ensure your garden wall isn’t just functional — it goes perfectly with your home’s architecture and vision. Brick, concrete block, and paving stone are all installation options that don’t just lend to quality projects and a fantastic completed product but will provide longevity. Sherman Oaks is the best place to have a garden, and our team, with our professional services, will ensure it exceeds your expectations. Just ask our clients!

Steps And Coping

Steps and coping are often overlooked but are a fantastic finishing piece for your yard. If you’ve remodeled but still want to take your landscaping to the next level, consider getting a contractor to look at updating your steps and coping! A gorgeous paving stone will blend in with the landscape while offering function in terms of durability and an anti-slip feel. Poured concrete is another exceptional material for your steps and coping, offering a modern feel to compliment your current landscaping. Our team of contractors will have no issues completing this project to match your standard.


With that temperate Sherman Oaks weather, your front yard and backyard patios probably get a whole lot of love! We’re in the business of making that great experience even better for you and the company you host. There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to your patio. You aren’t just paving over a slice of lawn! Our team is well-versed in everything you need to know about your new patio project, including material choices like concrete, stone, and porcelain tiles. The patio look, shape, and feel all impact the landscaping of your property and its functionality. For a patio you (and your company) will love, we suggest hiring a contractor that will provide the right service to get the installation done quickly, professionally, and safely.

Sherman Oaks overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Why Choose Pacific Pavingstone

While there are plenty of contractors in Sherman Oaks to choose from, we’re confident you’ll love the honest, professional, and beautiful work provided by our crew. We’ve been completing hardscape projects from Sherman Oaks to North Hills and Westlake Village for many years and have the vision and capacity to cover absolutely any project our clients have in mind. 

From front yard makeovers to elevating the backyard, installing a gorgeous patio or garden wall, and any projects in between, our crew of pavers, stone workers, and masonry contractors can handle it with exceptional service standards. Plus, we’re property owners too! You’re in great company when it comes to elevating your home. Search no further for contractors in Sherman Oaks that will get the job done — contact us today for a quote.



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