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Pacific Pavingstone has been meeting hardscaping needs since 1999, from driveways and patios to pool decks and walkways. Transform your outdoors with skilled paving stone contractors in Glendale. Pacific Pavingstone provides you with the best and most professional hardscaping contractors in Glendale! With a team of fully-trained, in-house professionals, we will bring top quality to your doorstep.

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Get Advice from ICPI Certified Paving Stone Contractors in Glendale

You might be thinking, “I don’t know how to choose a paver contractor near me.” If you let us do the work for you, we will assign the most suitable hardscape contractor for your needs in all of Glendale, California. The owners of our company are ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute) certified and teach our paving stone contractor Glendale the latest stone paver know-how. From installing slip-resistant pool decks and permeable pavers to outdoor lighting and fire pits, our crew has extensive knowledge and experience to realize your ideal outdoor space.

Why Choose Stone Pavers?

Benefits of Stone Pavers

One of the most crucial decisions to be made for your outdoor home project is the material. As our name suggests, we specialize in pavers, confident in durability and aesthetic value. Paving stones are either compressed concrete units or natural stones laid down in tight patterns to create walkways. They sit on top of a compacted road base and a leveling layer of sand and are also jointed with sand. Due to their interlocking system, they are a very durable and secure material for all kinds of hardscaping projects. As Glendale is part of Southern California, their earthquake resistance might be a bonus for you, too.

Paving stones are four times stronger than asphalt or concrete, and they look the part, too. Pavers do not crack due to weather or pressure, and they also don’t fade or change color over time. The installation process by a hardscape contractor Glendale is also shorter since there is no need for a drying period.

Additionally, stone is one of the most sustainable resources on our planet, making your patio, driveway, or pool deck eco-friendly. Although they are more costly, they will turn out to be more cost-effective in the long run as they are easy to maintain. If you spill a hard-to-remove substance like grease, oil, or paint, it’s easy to exchange the individual stones and small areas instead of repouring the whole area, as is easily the case with asphalt and concrete. Once properly sealed after installation by our Glendale professionals, paving stone installations can last decades in quality and style.

Glendale overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Our Services For Your New Home

Depending on whether you want a patio, driveway, walkway, etc., we now offer several paving stone services in Glendale, Ca. We will help you achieve your ideal California front or backyard, since one of the many benefits of pavers is their versatility and stylization. Whether you want a natural stone that fits your romantic garden or a chic and simple pattern that fits your modern home, you can decide on every detail for your ideal stone installation. Our expert designers will help you make the best choices and guide you through the process to guarantee your full satisfaction.

Communication is key, and that’s why our paver contractors always keep in touch with you regarding the process and consider your wishes and limitations to provide you with the best result. You can share your landscaping plans and paving stone ideas, which will be implemented in the design. After completing a first draft, the designers will consult you and then apply your feedback. Let yourself be convinced by our client's experiences featured on our homepage.

Give Your Outdoor Space a Makeover

Landscaping the outdoor area around your home with paving stones will be like refashioning it into a style icon of Southern Carolina that ages gracefully. You have creative freedom regarding the style of your property. Let our local masonry contractors Glendale do the job for you.

For large projects such as driveways and patios, a local paving stone contractor specializing in your area is the best choice. Our masonry contractor Glendale team, is trained by our certified crew, as we take great care in choosing the ideal match for you. We offer two types of paving stones in Glendale: those made of concrete and natural stone to transform your Glendale home. Concrete pavers are, in contrast to natural stone, weaker. However, they are a more affordable option to create your customized hardscape installation, and they still offer all the benefits of stone pavers. Choose between various stone types, shapes, patterns, and finishes, such as permeable pavers with wider joints for better drainage, tumbled finish for a smoother appearance, and antique cobbles and fan patterns for a classic style. Read on to find out about some of the services we offer to give your outdoor space a makeover:

Attractive Patios

The patio is your backyard’s sanctuary. Your outdoor space to relax, dine and hang out with your guests. Realize its full potential by customizing it to your liking with stone pavers and completely transform your outdoor living space into your favorite hangout.

Enjoyable Walkways

Save your garden or front yard from unwanted foot traffic, or simply create a more accessible and easy way of getting around your property with durable and stylish pathways made by our paving stones Glendale. Paver walkways increase functionality and create an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing yard for your home.

Cool Pool Decks

Enjoy the Californian summer heat to the maximum by eliminating any inconveniences with paving stones. We will help you choose the right textures, colors, and designs to make your pool deck slip and heat-resistant in order to create a family-friendly home resort in your backyard.

Durable Driveways

Let an inviting and functional driveway that complements your house welcome you home after a hard day of work. Resilient material is the key to a long-lasting driveway, and well-installed paving stones can withstand high pressure and everyday use. As they are not prone to fading or abrasion, they are the ideal material for driveways.

Cozy and Safe Lighting

Add unique elements to your stone installation, such as built-in step lighting or LED landscape lighting. Lighting up your home area is a crucial safety precaution and creates a pleasant atmosphere and accentuates your stairs, driveway, or patio.

Glendale overlooking a larger pool with patio and patio furniture.

Get a Free Estimate

Get the ball rolling with a free estimate! Provide us with information about your ideal paver work, and we will assign you the best local hardscape contractor Glendale. We will consult you regarding your needs and the costs of the project. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about unexpected surcharges because we guarantee that you will pay the estimated price that was agreed upon.

Once you have the estimate, our designers at Pacific Pavingstone will create a first idea on how to implement all your wishes considering budget, available space, and type of stone that will compliment your outdoor space. This first design draft will be returned to you to get your feedback to ensure your complete satisfaction. We value communication with our clients so that you are informed about every choice and every step of the process. After receiving your approval, we get to work! So, contact us now and take the first step to your dream outdoor living space!

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