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How Much Does Brick Driveway Paving Cost?

Renovating your old driveway can be one of the best curb appeal investments for your Southern California home. As you begin to research driveway paving materials, you’ll find a few main options to consider.

Homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are shifting from traditional materials to a better driveway material option. The old driveway paving materials such as asphalt, clay bricks, and poured concrete are being dismissed for a better alternative, interlocking paving stones.

These manufactured concrete paving stones (or pavers) often get the nickname of “bricks” due to the individual stone’s appearance.

How Much Does Brick Driveway Paving Cost?


Pavers are the best choice for your new driveway if you want a versatile and durable material. Overall, costs may be just a small margin higher for materials than outdated materials such as asphalt and concrete. However, the return on investment you will see in a paving stone driveway makes it the clear winning choice.
  • Cost Per Square Foot: Calculating brick driveway paving cost depends on a number of factors. As with any home improvement material, there are premium materials, but a typical cost of this style of driveway will run you around $8.50 per sq. ft., including installation.
  • Project Total: The average Southern California driveway is approximately 1,000 sq. ft. Brick driveway paving cost on a space that size will typically come in at around $8,500, with removal of the old driveway, base and paving stone installation.
  • Extra Base Material: In some rare instances, there may be additional materials needed to give a proper base on which to lay your new paving stone driveway. If there is an unusually high concentration of clay in the underlying soil, brick driveway paving cost may be slightly higher. Your driveway paving company can let you know how likely this is in your neighborhood and the potential surcharge.
  • Site Grading: For the most part, properties are graded properly when originally built. However, surroundings occasionally change around your home which could have altered the course of runoff. If these conditions have changed substantially and water is regularly traveling across your driveway, slight improvements in the grade may help your new brick driveway paving project to avoid potential problems from excessive runoff from a neighboring property. It’s not a common extra expense, but one worth discussing with your landscape designer.
  • Drains & Pipes: If you’re tearing out an old driveway, it is an excellent opportunity to re-route existing downspouts to other areas on your property. It may make sense to run these lines underneath your new driveway. This may slightly increase brick driveway paving costs, but it can be a terrific time to improve your Southern California property.
  • Paving Stone Walkways: If you’re taking the time to renovate an old driveway, it may be an excellent time to also tear out the boring poured concrete walkway leading to your front door or backyard. Adding a matching paving stone walkway will increase your brick driveway paving cost but combining the two projects could save you money versus performing them in stages.
  • Plantings: If your driveway paving company also provides a full array of landscape design services, you may want to also address some nearby plantings. Occasionally, there are existing trees or shrubs that may have been encroaching on paved areas or blocking views while backing out onto the street. A full-service contractor can help you find suitable replacement plants if needed. This could increase your brick driveway paving cost, but could also be the best and most cost-effective time to address these improvements.

Brick Driveway Paving Companies in Southern California

Brick driveway paving is an important investment. It can be easy to find dozens of companies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas that install driveways. Be sure that you spend some time researching the company and their work.

Brick driveway paving cost is impacted by the materials used, compensation of the labor, and the overhead costs of the company. Be careful to not just go with the lowest price. Contractors can install a driveway cheaply if they cut corners, use inexperienced installers, or don’t carry essential insurance and licenses.

FeatureYou can rest assured that when you deal with Pacific Pavingstone, we will use the best materials available and install them according to industry standards. Our ICPICertified in-house designers and installers have installed tens of thousands of driveways. Our goal is to design a gorgeous driveway at a fair price.

Whether it’s just a new driveway or you have other additions like those mentioned above, we can help. If you’d like to talk more, we’d like to provide you with a free estimate for brick driveway paving cost. Give us a call or fill out the form and someone will be in touch soon!


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