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5 Ways To Boost Your Curb Appeal


Check out these 5 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Setting the first impression of your home when it’s viewed from the street is important. An unkempt lawn can look drab and uninviting; while a well-kept yard can increase the resale value of your property.

Refreshing your front yard doesn’t have to be a huge, costly, project. It’s important to look at your property as a whole to see where you can improve. Considering your needs, lifestyle, and budget is also crucial in identifying necessary changes.

Pacific Pavingstone, a top Los Angeles paving stone contractor, can recommend additions (or omissions) that will make your front yard more attractive, functional, and cost-effective. Our team is dedicated to helping you boost your quality of life, without breaking the bank.

Here are the top five ways to boost curb appeal for your Southern California property.


1. Switching out your concrete driveway with a paving stone driveway

Your driveway welcomes you back home.

Although concrete is cheaper initially per square foot, the initial savings may soon be voided due to various factors. A concrete driveway requires drying and curing time, which can extend the installation period. Concrete is also prone to cracking due to ground shifts. Repairs can be costly because the entire area must be repoured. Cracks in the concrete could also lead to tripping, low areas, flooding, and stained surfaces.

A paver driveway, on the other hand, can be repaired by removing the damaged paver and replacing it. This process is a lot simpler and more affordable than repairing concrete.

The aesthetic benefits of paving stones are also unmatched. With pavers, you’re not limited to a single shade. You can choose paver colors that match your property’s architectural theme. Pavers are livelier and more appealing than concrete. They’ll look good for decades to come without the expensive maintenance.

Keeping them in good condition is a breeze—simply sweep, apply a mild cleaning solution, and pressure wash. They’re also far safer because they’re manufactured to resist slipping or skidding, unlike concrete, which can get very slippery when wet.

Pavers can also be designed to be self-draining to prevent flooding or water run-off around your property. Here’s more information about how permeable paver driveways work and why they’ve become a popular Southern California hardscape project.

Durable, stylish, easy-to-maintain, and cost-efficient, pavers win in several aspects over concrete driveways.


2. Add a paving stone walkway

Pavers are the perfect material for making unique pathways. Whatever design you want, be it winding, straight, or irregularly shaped, nothing beats pavers.

Walkways endure heavy foot traffic daily as they transport guests from one area of your property to another. Materials must be stable and lasting, but pleasant looking as well.

Paving stones are extremely durable and strong. They won’t shift, contract, crack, or chip. They can last for decades without needing repairs or replacement. And if they do, the process is simple.

Since pavers come in various colors, you can pick a style that complements your landscape. Adding value to your property doesn’t have to entail tedious upkeep. Take a look at these popular paver selections in Los Angeles.

Safety is one reason walkways are essential. With pavers, children, older family members, pets, and guests will be sure-footed as they traverse your yard.

Unify different areas in your home with a natural-looking, slip-resistant paving stone walkway.


3. Add built-in step lighting

Poorly lit steps can pose safety hazards. That’s why installing step lighting is a worthwhile inclusion when renovating outdoor living spaces. Illumination during the night is crucial, but simply adding traditional light bulbs in random areas may not work.

Using built-in step lighting makes navigating your yard a more pleasant experience. It injects a tranquil mood into the atmosphere and makes steps safer. It also serves as a standout decorative element on your property.

Your hardscaping contractor in Southern California can mix and match step lighting options to complement your home’s interior and exterior design. This landscape feature ties together the look of your outdoor space, so it must be planned with care.

Not all types of lighting can withstand exposure to external elements. It’s important to ensure that installations can endure the heat, dust, moisture, and wind. An expert crew can develop an energy-efficient and durable outdoor lighting system for you. This includes fixtures that last, don’t require frequent replacements, and help you save money down the road.

Professional Southern California driveway installers can also deliver steps and coping projects. See how revamping your outdoor steps can transform your property.

4. Add led landscape lighting

Proper landscape lighting serves as a warm welcome to guests and an effective deterrent to intruders. But you don’t want to go overboard because too much lighting can be a nuisance. Do you still use traditional lighting composed of halogen and incandescent bulbs? If aesthetics make you think twice about switching to LED lighting, you might be surprised at the wide-ranging options on the market now.

You can make your yard more stunning by installing energy-efficient lighting. Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights don’t heat up. They use electrical current to give off light. At Pacific Pavingstone, we recommend the use of outdoor LED lighting because of the unbeatable benefits that it offers.

The first of which is cost-efficiency. With outdoor lights, quality tramples quantity. The illumination must be focused where necessary. Strategic positioning of LED lights reduces the number of fixtures you need to install. This, in turn, lowers your electricity bill.

The second is eco-friendliness. LED lighting lasts for several years, reducing the need for replacements and helping minimize the amount of waste for disposal. And in case you’re wondering, these bulbs are recyclable.

The third is cutting down on light pollution, an ongoing problem in Los Angeles. Safer and more cost-efficient, low-voltage lighting can take your front yard or any area of outdoor space from empty to glowing.

Our team customizes landscape designs so you can make the most of your property throughout the day and night.

5. Create paving stone steps to a front entryway

Steps leading to your front entryway connect your home to the rest of the property. The material you use for your front walk should be comfortable, attractive, and durable.

Paving stone steps can add a fun and unique element to your entryway design. The advantage of paving stones is that they’re versatile. They can be installed in any setting, and shaped however you desire. They can be placed around grass, pebbles, or turf. Their design can be formal and symmetrical or informal and natural looking.

You and your paving stone contractor can plan a design that works for your specific requirements. Although steps may be a small part of your yard, they can boost your curb appeal from bland to breathtaking. Whether you’re thinking of a grand entrance or a simple but charming design, our team at Pacific Pavingstone can help.

Browse our gallery for paving stone design ideas.

Make your yard renovation worth it with the top hardscape installers in Southern California.

Take your landscape improvement project to the next level. Consult with professional landscape and hardscape designers, gather ideas for your new outdoor living space, or learn more about the potential cost of updates you’re considering.

Pacific Pavingstone is a one-stop shop for all your hardscaping needs in Los Angeles and Southern California. Our fully-trained in-house crew uses superior-quality materials and advanced installation techniques for all our projects.

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