What is Flagstone?

what is flagstone

Flagstone is a general term given to sedimentary rock used in paving and landscaping. Sedimentary rock is formed over time by strong pressure and heat, which forces together layers of small particles and creates a strong, dense mass. This formation is then split into thin sheets which we call flagstone.

Flagstone is most commonly a sandstone mix, but can also be made from limestone or quartz stone. It comes in different thicknesses, usually ranging from a half an inch to about two inches. Common colors are red, beige, brown and pink, but you can also find it in green, blue or white.

There are several benefits to using flagstone for your patio or pool deck. For one, they’re very durable and will last a long time. Because of their strength, they don’t need the type of soil base concrete pavers need, which makes installation easier. They also have a natural look and rich color, making them a top choice for home beautification.

Flagstone Patio with Textiles

The denser the stone, the more durable it is and the less maintenance required. Quartzite is a very dense stone and will last a long time without needing much care. Sandstone is a softer stone, and while still durable, is more prone to flaking and deterioration. You can also have your flagstone sealed, which will protect it and keep it lasting longer.

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